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Compliance Training


We provide compliance training to assist your business to meet the many legislative requirements expected of businesses today. Our training programs can be conducted on your site and at times to suit your business needs.

We are always up to date with the latest changes in legislation that may impact on your business and ensure that our courses reflect the current requirements.

We provide the following courses in your business to ensure that your staff meet the mandatory training requirements to work with farm chemicals.

Some examples of compliance training that we offer:

Wool classing

Wool classing training is provided to meet the requirements of the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX), which requires wool to be classed by a registered wool classer for all wool sold in Australia through the auction system.

OHS Training On-Farm Risk Assessment

This training can be undertaken to meet on-farm legislative requirements that requires appropriate training be provided for workers.

Chainsaw Operations

We provide level 1 - level 3 Chainsaw Operations as per the requirements. Courses can be delivered on your site.