Business Areas

Food Processing

We are committed to helping your business maintain competitiveness and sustainability through its specialist consultancy and training services. We want to maximise the TAFE "value-add" to your business.

Our consultants and trainers have wide experience in food service, hospitality, food processing and food safety planning. They provide specialist consultancy services to food manufacturers, aged care establishments, local government, hospitality enterprises, childcare providers, event managers and retail franchises.

Consultancies and/or training could include:

  • Food Safety Audits
  • Product development
  • Development of HACCP Procedures
  • Development and set-up of new Premises
  • Development of Quality and Food Safety Programmes
  • Management of Food Safety compliance Issues, and
  • Nationally Recognised Training for Non-Food Staff, e.g. transport and distribution personnel.

Current and recent clients include: Corrective Services Industries, Streets Ice Cream, Cordina Chickens, Summertime Chickens, Kurrajong Kitchens and Kerry Ingredients