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Jeffrey (Barney) Rogers

Jeffrey (Barney) Rogers is a fourth generation farrier and one of 14 family members associated with his company.

Barney has been involved in the farrier business for most of his life.

He has been a member of the Master Farriers Association for the past 27 years and has managed the family business of Rogers Horse Shoeing for 23 years.

He has demonstrated an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of industry practices, having a broad range of skills in a wide range of farriery related areas.

Barney has worked at Richmond College for eight years and is the coordinator of farrier and blacksmith training.

Barney's ability to work with industry and employers to develop flexible and effective training programs is evidenced by the work he has done in supplying the farrier industry with;

  • up to date information on course development
  • relevant training plans to employers
  • monthly newsletters to members of the farrier industry