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Our Electrotechnology Units offer a range of services that provide your organisation the opportunity to strengthen your capability as an electro enterprise by introducing high performance work practices that will assist you to meet the new and emerging skill challenges in the contemporary electrotechnology industry. Our diverse expertise, state of the art facilities will assist you in building the intellectual capital and practical skills to become a leader in the electrotechnology industry by providing a range of business solutions to improve and promote business productivity.

Some of our recent electrotechnology customers include Integral Energy and AMF.

Customised Training Solutions

Change is rapid in the world of Electrotechnology making it essential for practitioners to remain current.

We offer a range of training solutions to up skill your technicians and improve the productivity of your business. We can customise the learning to your company's specific needs for example, local procedures, processes and particular operating requirements. This training can be provided in a variety of ways such as work-based, online, distance, workshops or combinations of these. Training solutions include:

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Electrotechnology and Communications are fast developing high tech industries spanning occupations in: electrical, sustainable energy, electronics, communications, engineering, instrumentation and industrial/PLC control. The nature of these industries is that they are merging and growing as technology changes and develops in new fields, such as: data communication, home automation, intelligent systems for industrial and facilities management, and security systems.

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