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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

We offer a range of short course training programs that can be customised to suit the particular needs of your business so that you meet your compliance requirements for areas such as refrigerants and refrigerant handling and microbial control for regulated water systems. Our trainers work with you to design and deliver training that achieves the outcomes you desire. Training can be delivered in a variety of ways and in different locations depending on your operational needs.

It is a mandated requirement that to hold/be granted a refrigerant trading authorisation a business must ensure that all equipment is available and operating correctly to safely handle and minimise emissions of refrigerants within the workplace, and that all personnel are trained, and either licensed or supervised by licensed persons. Trainees, including apprentices, must now be appropriately licensed as a trainee person during the training period prior to full licensing. Training must be provided for all personnel on the correct operating procedures, such as coupling and de-coupling lines, gauges etc. to ensure emissions are minimised at all times. An appropriate emission risk management regime must also be implemented, which includes empty and full stored and in-service cylinders and couplings etc. and includes all tools and equipment that have a potential to leak.

Our trainers bring with them significant industry experience, in addition to specialist adult education and other relevant qualifications, giving them a solid understanding of both operational and learner needs.