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Green IT

Sustainability in ICT Systems


As the push for businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices gains momentum, IT leaders are searching for ways to bring greener technologies and more environmentally responsible strategies to their organisations. Implemented correctly, eco-friendly tactics can make a business more efficient and save money.

The goals of Green IT include minimising the use of hazardous materials, energy efficiency and encouraging recycling and/ or use biodegradable products, without negatively affecting productivity.

"Green" practices are common in almost every aspect of our lives.

We reuse, recycle, save energy........even use ICT systems to monitor and control our emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. What about our ICT systems? How "Green" can they be?

Learn how to make your ICT systems more energy efficent and leave as little impact on the environment as possible.

"Green" practices are common in almost every aspect of our lives.: read more