Business Areas

We offer a range of training programs that can be customised to suit the particular needs of your business. Our trainers work with you to design and deliver training that achieves the outcomes you desire. Training can be delivered in a variety of ways and in different locations depending on your operational needs.

Our trainers bring with them significant industry experience, in addition to specialist adult education and other relevant qualifications, giving them a solid understanding of both operational and learner needs.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technology is becoming increasingly popular for remote location power requirements such as in homes, farms and tourist operations where traditional power supply methods are too expensive or too environmentally damaging to be practical.

Building energy management

We offer a number of training solutions, for example: home energy assessment; lighting requirements for business; renewable energy for farmers. Other training solutions available include: interior design, ecologically sustainable development, removing waste from your business; natural refrigerant gases (safety and systems); and grid connect.

Ecologically Sustainable Development

We provide high quality training to meet the growing need for Environmental Sustainability practitioners, from an entry level to a Graduate Certificate level in Ecologically Sustainable Development. Certificate IV qualifications in Environmental Monitoring and Technology, and Asset Maintenance (Waste Management), provide an excellent base for technicians and operations staff working in environmental compliance and the waste industry. The Graduate Certificate in Ecologically Sustainable Development has become our flagship qualification, and it has been highly appraised by participants for the skills which it provides for the incorporation of environmental management into all aspects of organisational policy, planning and procedures. We are also able to deliver customised training in workplace sustainability to enterprises and organisations, which is based on combinations of elements from several national units of competency in sustainable work practices.

Natural refrigerant gases are extremely environmentally friendly and energy efficient; the Total Equivalent Warming Index (TEWI), for both hydrocarbon refrigerant and carbon dioxide refrigerant, is very low. We deliver systems and safety programs for you and your staff on natural refrigerants, including hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide refrigerant. These training programs have been developed in conjunction with industry bodies including the Green Cooling Council, and major industry stakeholders. Our clients include national and international companies.