Business Areas

Business Services

Our Business Services unit offers a wide range of services including Management, Marketing and Human Resources. These are all critical in today's competitive, globalised business world.

We can assist you to meet the new and emerging challenges that are required to meet the ever changing demands of the business world.

Our experienced staff work with you to develop solutions for your business in training, learning and development strategies. These reflect the needs of your business and enable you to build and improve your business capabilities.

We listen and try to understand the issues that are important to your business goals. We have many years experience working with and in business and we aim to deliver both practical and sustainable outcomes for you.

Business Studies

Learning about the functions of business can be challenging. We can assist you to improve your organisations objectivies by developing your workforces skills in areas of Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources. We can also train you staff in skills of computing, communication, numeracy and problem solving required in an office environment.

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Good management is the key to business success

Good Management

Few people would be startled to learn that there is a strong link between highly skilled managers and happy, productive employees. What is startling however is the extent to which the quality of management affects the performance of businesses.

A report into the link between management and productivity found that managers’ adoption of best practice techniques was linked more closely to market share, market valuation and productivity than other factors such as location, industry or government policy. The study showed that it was the best managed companies which achieved the highest scores for performance such as sales per employee, rate of revenue and market share growth.

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