Business Areas

Cultural and Related Industries

Cultural industries are the lifeblood of a vibrant and creative society. The strength and creativity of our culture depends on sustainable and self-reliant cultural industries. WSI provides a range of innovative services that support this industry and can contribute to the success of your business.

Music & Entertainment

Our services can assist businesses in the Music Industry, especially those that are small and medium enterprises in Music & Theatre Production, Sound Recording Studios and Performing Arts Venues. We can help you realise the potential for employment and the development of specific skills for each occupation in the music industry. We can help you build the skills of your workforce in a range of disciplines including Contemporary Music, Performing Arts, Technical Production and Music Business. Check out WSI Entertainment which provides on-site simulated commercial learning facilities for our students.

Fine Arts (including Ceramics, Print Making & Visual Arts)

We can assist your organisation to develop multi skilled staff, capable of working creatively within the diverse industries associated with fine arts. We offer training services in a range of disciplines from Printmaking to Digital Art.

Fine Arts (including Ceramics, Print Making & Visual Arts): read more

Library/Information Services

Qualified Library and Information Services staff will enhance the ability of your organisation to control, research and deliver information to better manage business intelligence in enhancing customer experience. We can provide training in the range of skills needed to work in any library or information agency.