Business Areas

Competitive Manufacturing

Operating Systems for sustainable business improvements

Our Competitive Manufacturing initiative, aims to assist organisations improve their processes and organisational culture and so achieve sustainable manufacturing excellence and business success.

We do this through an innovative arrangement that drives the achievement of your business goals through targeted workplace training for your workforce. Skills in Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Sigma or other process improvement methodologies form an essential part of our training programs.

Our Competitive Manufacturing workforce development model aims to:

  • Deliver training through team-based business improvement projects
  • Promote a focus that is supply chain driven
  • Improve key imperatives such as quality, delivery and cost effectiveness
  • Create a work climate characterised by teamwork, employee engagement and continuous learning
  • Focus the organisation using visual management tools to measure and monitor productivity and results
  • Use the most effective process improvement tools appropriate to your business

Businesses seeking to commence or enhance a manufacturing improvement process can choose from an extensive range of process improvement tools / techniques to support their goals.