Business Areas

Customised Training Solutions

We offer a range of training programs that can be customised to suit the particular needs of your business. Training can be delivered in a variety of ways and in different locations depending on your operational needs.

Our trainers are experienced in customising training programs, and will work with you to design and deliver training solutions that achieve the outcomes you desire. They bring with them significant industry experience, in addition to specialist adult education and other relevant qualifications, giving them a solid understanding of both operational and learner needs.

We provide a range of engineering trade-based training programs and other services supporting skills development for both individuals and enterprises in the following areas:

  • Machine Tool Operations (lathes, mills, grinders and other general workshop machines)
  • Equipment /Plant Repair and Maintenance (mechanical drives, fault diagnosis, bearings)
  • Plant Installation and Commissioning (plant and equipment levelling, alignment and associated operational services)
  • Fluid Power - Hydraulics/Pneumatics (circuitry, system components, system controls, system operations)
  • CNC/CAM (using the latest HAAS equipment in conjunction with Mastercam)

We also help your staff to build on the skills learnt at a trade level, by offering training and assessment options to post trade learners who are working in Engineering. This is ideal to upskill your employees to meet your company's skills requirements at C3 and C5 levels in the Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award; for example, design drafters, engineering associates, project assistants and related jobs which support professional Engineers. Mechatronics, the combination of mechanical and electrical/electronics principles, is a major theme within the qualifications and skill sets offered.

You may want to up-skill your tradespeople to para-professional, management or professional Engineering level; and we offer the stepping stones for you to be able to do this. Individuals may also decide to articulate into further University study with credit from their TAFE qualifications, and continue their learning at University to become a professional Engineer.

We can assist you, whether your training need is technical; or involves the softer skills around comunication, team work and leadership.