Business Areas

Metal Fabrication and Welding Industries

Experienced Welding Teachers can assess your staffs’ current skills and if required, produce a customised training program to a relevant quality level i.e. Australian/Overseas Standard or Code. For example:

  • Plate/Pipe welding to a range of tests and processes within AS1796. Pipe/plate coded welding is used as required when welding pipe work carrying steam and high pressure.
  • Welding for Manufacturing and structural purpose to AS1554.1, providing the underpinning knowledge and practical skills for new welding operators in Practical Welding skills in GMA [Gas Metal Arc Welding], GTA [Gas Tungsten Arc Welding], FCAW [Flux Cored Arc Welding] & MMAW [Manual Metal Arc Welding].

If your staff have existing skills we can organise Recognition of prior learning (RPL) to new unit based competency standards. This can be done by gathering evidence of prior training and/or challenge testing.

We can assist you and your company in developing procedures and systems for compliance to ISO9000 Quality Assurance Systems - standards for welding qualifications, welding procedures and testing requirements of materials and staff .