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Recognising Skills

Skills Audit

A skills audit will look at the skills your workers have and assess what skills they need now and in the future. This will determine your company's skill shortfall. Our team will prepare a customised Training Needs Analysis outlining your training requirements to keep on track with long term business goals.

These services aim to assist you to keep ahead of your competitors and to improve productivity. We can help with client service satisfaction, staff fulfilment, new technology, legislative changes and growth potential.

Our consultants have a wealth of experience to draw from traditional business areas along with specialised niche markets. If your business needs to update, then let us work with you. It's a business opportunity worth investing in.

Skills Recognition

People can now have the skills they have gained through work, previous study and life experience recognised, and gain a qualification, avoiding unnecessary training. Many workplaces have highly skilled people who have no formal qualifications and who have the potential to be managers and supervisors. Having existing skills recognised boosts morale and motivates staff to pursue higher level training that can benefit your business.

We can assist your organisation with the capability development of your workforce with a customised and flexible recognition model.

Customer focusd recognition model - flow chart (PDF, 52KB)

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