Our Services

Training and Assessment

We design training options that take advantage of the opportunities that learning on the job present. Your staff may not need to leave the workplace to get the best skills development training.

Our experienced trainers will analyse your workplace systems and procedures and come up with the best option for your staff to undertake skills development training. Often, the best way to implement a training strategy is to incorporate it within the normal work that a person undertakes. This could take the form of assessment on the job, project based, e-learning or combinations that result in an improved procedure or system for your business.

Customised Training

We can design and deliver training and assessment services customised to your business, delivered to blend in with your work schedules and to reflect your work practices. Training programs can be nationally recognised qualifications or designed to meet a particular skills shortage. If you want to invest in your most valuable asset, your employees, talk with us about some possible solutions aimed at increasing your overall productivity.

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We can provide services for your business in both skills auditing and training needs analysis for your business's requirements. This will enable you to meet the changing work environment, including compliance and licensing issues, as well as meeting the training and operational requirements of your business.

Flexible Training Solutions for Remote Locations

Is your business in a remote location with very little access to workforce development services? We can provide a number of solutions to ensure that your staff receive the same level of professional development as other metropolitan businesses do.

We have e-learning options, distance education, work-based learning programs and any mix of these methods to assist your staff to learn.


Our expert trainers and assessors will advise on a range of appropriate training methods for your staff. This may include e-learning options, assisting your staff to undertake training at times and in formats that best suits both theirs and your business's needs. E-learning approaches are embraced by many learners, particularly your younger workers.

Gap training

Our expert staff are able to design training solutions to bridge any skill gaps. You may have staff working for you who, with a small amount of training and assessment could achieve a formal qualification and assist your business to prosper.

More broadly, we have the capability to analyse the differences between the benchmarked workplace performance of your employees and their actual performance. Again, where skill gaps are identified, we are able to design training programs to fill them